Giant Slide Rentals

Dry Slides

Bounce/Slide Combo - This bounce measures 13' x 22' x 15'. It is great for younger kids with a lot of energy! Kids can bounce around until they are tired and then finish off by exiting via a giant slide. Sure to liven up any kids party.

Giant Slide Rentals

Giant Dry Slides - These are the perfect addition to any party that has high energy kids and will handle a big crowd. Climb up to the top of the 18 foot slide. Now you are looking into a 2 story window before you go speeding down the slide! If you want kids that are exhausted at the end of your party, then look no further!

Giant Slide Rentals Long Island

Water Slides

Rip Curl Water Slide - With a length of 39' 8" and a width of 14' 0" this 16' 8" tall waterslide is one of our most popular slides in the summer. Book this early so you don't miss out on this slide as well as our other giant slide rentals!

Giant Slide Rentals

Hawaiian Slip And Slide Double Lane with Pool - Our slip and slide measures 39 feet long and is 11 feet wide ending in a pool. With 2 lanes, see who can make it the pool the fastest! This slip and slide is great summertime fun for all ages and sure to cool down the party-goers.

Giant Slide Rentals Nassau County

Wild Rapids - 2 Lane Water Slide - At 18 feet high, 25 feet long and 16 feet wide, this is a great way to cool off on those hot summer days!

Giant Slide Rentals Suffolk County

Dolphin Water/Dry Slide - This slide is 18 feet high x 28 feet long x 10 feet wide. Use it as a water slide with the splash pool attached, or as a dry slide without the pool! This slide is perfect for younger children. 

Giant Slide Rentals

Affordable Party Rentals is proud to offer a great selection of giant slide rentals. Our commitment to superior customer service allows us to provide you with the highest quality party and event products and services. If you have questions about our giant slide rentals or our other selections, please call us today at (631) 889-3924.