Party Tent Rentals

We just added a 30 x 40' -  Hexagon High Peak Frame Tent that can accommodate 80 - 100 people. This tent has the same 9' legs that our other high peak tents have, so we are able to add 20 x 30', 20 x 20' and 10 x 20' tents to any and all sides!

Frame tents: These tents can be set up anywhere as long as there is room. We can install them on decks, patios, grass, parking lots, driveways and the beach. Frame tents provide more "open" space, since there are no center poles to get in your way. All of our tops are new and they all come with "Sun Block" technology to keep you cooler during those hot summer days.

20 x 30' High Peak Tent - Perfect for Weddings, Christenings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and any occasion where only the best will do. The side curtains have arched windows and the door has a zipper to keep it closed. These walls are 9' high! Interior of tent is shown with the LED lights and side walls. Book this tent early!

20 x 20' High Peak Tent - We now can supply you with these size tents - New -10 x 20', 20 x 20', 20 x 40', 20 x 50', 20 x 60', 40 x 40', 20 x 70' or any other combination high peak tent! Same high quality as our 20' x 30' tent and with the same features.
These tents are module, so they can be custom configured in many ways. Call us to discuss your event. We offer free site visits so we can assess your site and offer the best solution.

20 x 20' Standard - Our 20 x 20' frame tents can be put together to form an "L" a "T" or ANY configuration fits your style and/or your space. All of our frame tents tops are white. Some examples are 20 x 40', 20 x 60' & 40 x 40'.

Brand new - 30 x 30' or 30 x 45' Frame tent. This is an engineered tent that can withstand up to 50 mph winds. It utilizes the latest in tent technology with keyed side poles to keep side walls from "flapping" in the wind. Also, with no cables or braces and 8' high side poles, you get a nice, clean look. Great Wedding Tent!

Pop Up Tents - High peak 10 x 10' for areas where a normal tent won't fit. Easy to put up and the side walls are included.

*20 x 30' - White - BRAND NEW TOP! Only this pole tent has the sun block feature.
16 x 16' - Yellow and white - Mainly used for DJ's and garage sales.

Note: Pole Tents: Must be installed on grass with enough space around the perimeter for staking them down properly.

Tent Accessories - Why rent just a tent when you can make your party even more memorable. By renting some of our accessories below, you will be guaranteed a party that will be remembered for years.

Side walls - Solid or clear. Designer window sides are only available with our high peak tents. Cathedral windows are available with our new F3 frame tent.

NEW Tent Heaters - We are now offering 170,000 btu tent heaters. These can be installed either inside or outside the tent, freeing up valuable space under the tent. With a remote thermostat, you and your guests will stay comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you. And, they are approved for use in a tent unlike patio heaters, keeping you and your guests safe.

Learn more about our Heaters For Party Tent Rentals.