We now offer Aerial Photography with our new Inspire Quad Copter! We can record your special event from a perspective normally requiring a helicopter or crane. It offers the ultimate in performance with a 4K camera so your video looks amazing!

This technology has many uses including but not limited to, weddings, real estate both commercial and residential (checking out the roof and surroundings), getting a picture of your own home and neighborhood from the sky and anything else you can think of. Check out our Facebook page to see the video we shot of our 30 x 45' tent. More videos to come!

Call us today to find out more about this exciting new method of photography!

We offer a wide array of tents for your convenience. Please check out our Tents page. Here we have also added new items that are sure to impress everyone at your event. With our High Peak Frame Tents and our more traditional Frame tent you can be assured of getting a tent that looks great. A lot of our tops have the "Sun Block" technology to keep you cool in the summer. We are now proud to announce that we can offer you Tent tops with a "Skylight". This allows filtered light to pass through, without adding to the heat load.

Under the Accessories Page, you will find the latest in lighting with our LED lights,  globe chandeliers, Bistro, and rope lighting. Side walls, Double Doors,  Bars and tent heaters are available as well. We are your best choice for Long Island Party Rentals / Long Island Tent Rentals.

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